December 1st, 2006

Abstract submission deadline now extended to Monday, December 4th.

Organized Jointly by:


Michael Liebschner, Ph.D.
Matthew Wettergreen, B.S.

Department of Bioengineering
Computational and Experimental
Biomechanics Laboratory
Rice University, Houston
Email: liebschner@rice.edu

Christian Puttlitz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of
Mechanical Engineering
Colorado State University
E-Mail: puttlitz@engr.colostate.edu

Jeffrey Lotz, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Orthopaedic Bioengineering Laboratory
University of California at San Francisco,
E-Mail: lotzj@orthosurg.ucsf.edu

Jenni Buckley, Ph.D.
Director of Operations, Biomechanical Testing Division
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
University of California at San Francisco,
E-Mail: buckleyj@orthosurg.ucsf.edu