5th Annual Symposium On Computational
Methods In Orthopaedic Biomechanics

February 8, 1997
University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

8:00 On-site registration
8:20 Opening remarks, T.M. Keaveny

Moderators: Jeffrey Lotz, Robert Sah

8:30 A Finite Element Formulation for Coupled Electromechanical and Poroelastic Phenomena in Soft Tissues M.E. Levenston, E.H. Frank and A.J. Grodzinsky
8:50 A Numerical-Analytical Model Simulating Mechanical Responses of Biphasic Cartilage Under Dynamic Loading J.Z. Wu, W. Herzog and M. Epstein
9:10 Modeling of the Intervertebral Disc with Composite, Swelling Pore-elastic Materials M. Matyjewski, T. Steffen and P.G. Kropf
9:30 Computational Tools for Geometric and Finite Element Modeling of Diarthrodial Joints P.S. Donzelli and R.L. Spilker

9:50 General discussion
10:10 Break

Moderators: Tony Keaveny, Tracy Orr

10:30 Elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis of metal-on-metal hip joints: effects of fluid cavitation algorithm M. Kothari
10:50 Advanced Modeling Methods of UWMWPE Tibial Insert Fatigue Failures E. Morra, P. Postak and S. Greenwald
11:10 Preclinical Cost Analysis of Orthopaedic Implants: Integrating Quality Loss Function, Finite Element Modeling, and Monte Carlo Simulation P.B. Chang, B.H. Robie and D.L. Bartel
11:30 Numerical Penalty Method for the Impact Phase of Gait M.L. Kaplan and J.H. Heegaard

11:50 General discussion
12:10 Lunch

Moderators: Rik Huiskes, Chris Jacobs

1:30 A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Scheme to Investigate the Mechanical Properties of Trabecular Bone R. Saxena, T. Keller and J. Sullivan
1:50 Quantification of the Validity and Accuracy for a Novel Method of Determining Trabecular Bone Tissue Modulus B.R. Davis, E.M. Paul, A.M. Saad, D.P. Fyhrie and C.R. Jacobs
2:10 Can morphology provide accurate estimates of bone mechanical properties? G.H. van Lenthe and R. Huiskes
2:30 Biomechanical Effects of Material Heterogeneity in the Equine Metacarpus C.M.Les, J.H.Keyak and S.M.Stover

2:50 General Discussion
3:10 Break

Moderators: Jean Heegaard, Rob Whalen

3:30 A Computational Model Describing the Growth, Development, and Functional Adaptation of Tendons and Ligaments T.A.L. Wren, G.S. Beaupre and D.R. Carter
3:50 Fracture mechanics of articular cartilage N.K. Simha, P.H. Leo and J.L. Lewis
4:10 Quantifying Bone's Strain History S. Fritton, K. McLeod and C. Rubin
4:30 Overview of Computerized Three-Dimensional Kinematic Methods C.M. Combs

4:50 General Discussion
5:10 Closing Remarks, T.M. Keaveny
5:20 End

Organized Jointly by:


Michael Liebschner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Department of Neurosurgery
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
E-Mail: Liebschner@bcm.edu

Christian Puttlitz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of
Mechanical Engineering
Colorado State University
E-Mail: puttlitz@engr.colostate.edu

Diane Wagner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
University of Note Dame, IN
E-Mail: dwagner@nd.edu