Ninth Annual Symposium of Computational
Methods in Orthopaedic Biomechanics

February 24, 2001
Health Sciences West (HSW) 300
University of California, San Francisco

8:45 Complimentary Breakfast
9:40 Opening Remarks

Moderators: Tony Keaveny and Glen Neibur

9:45 Trabecular Tissue Elastic and Failure Property Calibration Using the High-Resolution Finite Element Method H.H. Bayraktar, G.L. Niebur and T.M. Keaveny
10:00 Computation of Local Strain Fields in Bone Microstructures Under Load A. Nazarian, M. Stauber and R. Muller
10:15 A Finite Element Model of the Human Foot and Ankle W.R. Ledoux, D.L.A. Camacho, R.P. Chin and, B.J. Sangeorzan
10:30 Increased Endplate Deflection May Cause Fractures Associated With Vertebroplasty G. Baroud and T. Steffen
10:45 Effects of Loading Condition on Three-Dimensional Structural Change of Trabeculae Around Bone-Screw Interface K. Tsubota, M. Shibutani, T. Adachi and Y. Tomita
11:00 Validation of an FE Algorithm to Simulate Cement Damage Accumulation Around THA Stems J. Stolk, N. Verdonschot, S. Maher, P. Prendergast and R. Huiskes
11:15 Numerical Simulations of In Situ Polymerization Behavior of Bone Cements C. Li, S. Kotha, C.H. Huang, J.J. Mason, D. Yakimicki and M. Hawkins
11:30 Use of Simulation Technology and Visualization Model to Study External Fixator Adjustability Y.H. Kim, J.J. Elias, N. Inoue and E.Y.S. Chao

11:45 - 12:45 Complimentary Lunch

Moderators: Michael Buschmann and Neil Duncan

12:45 Incorporation of In Vivo Human Kinetic Data into a Finite Element Model of THA Dislocation M.E. Nadzadi, D.R. Pederson, H.J. Yack, J.J. Callaghan and T.D. Brown
1:00 A Finite Element Model of the Human Knee Joint to Compute Tibio-Femoral Contact: Sensitivity to Meniscal Boundary Conditions and Material Properties T.L Haut Donohue, M.L. Hull, M.M. Rashid and C.R. Jacobs
1:15 Effect of ACL Deficiency on Knee Kinematics - A 3D Computational Model Simulation J. Suggs and G. Li
1:30 An Explicit Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model of the Human ACL: Influence of a Residual Stress Within the Ligament During Passive Knee Flexion G. Limbert and M. Taylor
1:45 Fibril Stiffening Accounts for Strain-Dependent Stiffness of Articular Cartilage in UnconfinedCompression L.P. Li, M.D. Buschmann and Shirazi-Adl
2:00 Dynamic Response of a Lumbar Motion Segment to Cyclic Loading J.R. Williams, R.N. Natarajan and G.B.J. Andersson
2:15 Micro-Cellular Finite Element Model in the Intervertebral Disc L. Pianalto and N.A. Duncan
2:30 Simulation of Growth Factor Influences on Secondary Fracture Healing A. Bailon-Plaza and M.C.H. van der Meulen

2:45 Break

Moderators: Raghu Natarajanand Thomas Lang

3:15 Influence of Osteoporosis Related Morphological Changes on the Internal Straining of the Tibia J. Seebeck, M.O. Heller, E. Schneider and G.N. Duda
3:30 Data Clustering Based Segmentation Algorithms for Bone CT Images D.Z. Chen and X. Wu
3:45 A New Automated 3D Finite Element Mesh Generation Method from Medical Images S. Yi, D. Chen and J. Mason
4:00 Automating Voxel-Based Contact Finite Element Models N.M. Grosland, D.R. Pederson and T.D. Brown
4:15 Two Finite Element Models for Simulation of the Spinal Burst Fracture Process F. Tirbois, R.K. Wilcox, B. Benat, R.M. Hall and D.C. Barton
4:30 Methods to Achieve a Numerically Stable Finite Element Model of a Multi-Contact InterfaceRotating Platform Total Knee J.K. Otto, J.J. Callaghan and T.D. Brown
4:45 A New Graph-Based Skeletonization Method S. Yi, D. Chen and J. Mason

5:00 Concluding Remarks
5:10 Adjourn

Organized Jointly by:


Michael Liebschner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Department of Neurosurgery
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Christian Puttlitz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of
Mechanical Engineering
Colorado State University

Diane Wagner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
University of Note Dame, IN